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Ginger Oil

(Ginger Oleoresin Gingerol 35%)


Dried roots and rhizomes of Zingiber officinale, family Gingeraceae

Extraction process:

made by supercritical CO2 extraction and processing.

Product Description:

Brownish red oily liquid, fragrant and spicy.

Active ingredients:

Zingiberene, gingerol,zinone, cineole, etc


35% Gingerol

Other common specifications of ginger oil and ginger extract:

(1) Dried ginger extract (powder): gingerol5%

(2) Ginger oil (ginger oleoresin): gingerol18-35%

(3) Ginger essential oil: gingerol 10%

Product features:

1. High gingerol content

1.Using small yellow ginger as raw material,small yellow ginger has rich meat and pungent smell, and its gingerol content is much higher than

that of meat ginger;

2.The extraction efficiency of gingerol was high by supercritical CO2 extraction.

2. The fragrance is more transparent andpure

Supercritical CO2 extraction at room temperature can better retain the active components and flavor components in ginger oil.

3. The product is pure and natural

Compared with traditional solvent extraction and water extraction, the product has no residue problems such as pesticide residues and polycyclic

aromatic hydrocarbons;

4. food grade food license No.: SC20144011600620

Recommended efficacy application:

1. Food and beverage flavoring and fragrances.

2. Development of health food.

3. For massage oil and base oil. It can also be added to personal care products, toiletries and hair care products.




· Control from farm: organic or conventional environment friendly planting

· Full traceability

· Certifications: SQF, ISO9001, ISO2200, SC, Organic certified, kosher certified, Halal certified

· Declaration: EU regulation, Irradiation, TSE/BSE, etc.

· Testing and quality control:



Physical and chemical

Solvent residue

Pesticide residue

Plasticizer residue


Heavy metal